Why School Board Elections Matter

School board elections are important.  It matters who is making decisions for our students in our community. The quality of District 12 schools impacts our children, our employment opportunities, our property values and the vitality and future of our neighborhoods.


School board members influence the quality of our education at every level from ensuring strong administrative leadership, to making sound policy administrative decisions, to budget and funding choices.  Community elected officials help to ensure local control such that board decisions reflect the needs and priorities of our neighborhoods.  Ultimately, the board of education ensures equity and access for every student to succeed and thrive.

The order of candidates on the ballot is randomly assigned when candidates literally draw numbers from a hat.  The order on the ballot is not based on rankings, experience or credentials.  "Betsy Kleiner" will be listed at the bottom of the ballot list, but I am hoping to be your top choice!  Best for Last!! Vote Betsy Kleiner for D12 Board of Education. 

Additional Resources:

Citizens Project Candidate Survey:

D12 School Board Candidate Roundtable (Recording of Event held on October 12, 2023):  https://youtu.be/227tHZ-9v5s 

Ballotpedia: https://ballotpedia.org/Cheyenne_Mountain_School_District_12,_Colorado,_elections_(2023)

Betsy Kleiner is endorsed by the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors