Get Involved

Support Betsy with a Yard Sign!

Your Help is Critical and Appreciated!

There are a number of ways to get involved..

1.  Register To Vote

Make sure you, your friends and your neighbors are registered to vote by October 30th.  Visit for more information.

REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR 3 CANDIDATES.  The order of candidates on the ballot is randomly assigned when candidates literally draw numbers from a hat.  The order on the ballot is not based on rankings, experience or credentials.  "Betsy Kleiner" will be at the bottom of the ballot list, but I hope to be your top choice!  Best for Last!! Vote Betsy Kleiner for D12 Board of Education. 

2.  Chat It Up

Please help us spread the word by talking to your friends and neighbors about the importance of this election. 

3.  Share Information

Feel free to share this website and other information with your email and social media contacts.

4.  Thank You For Your Support Through Yard Signs!

Thanks to our supporters, we now have our 200 signs out in our community!  If you are a business in a key location and would like to have a banner, please email Walt or Betsy (